Cameron Advertising

We are Cameron Advertising…

a full-service advertising and marketing agency, specializing in delivering consumer connectivity for your brands and business. With over 45+ years of experience in consumer marketing and advertising. Cameron is a seasoned marketing partner with an emphasis on evolving digital, social and video platforms.

Our expertise in creative strategies, media planning and customer retention has kept our clients on the forefront of an evolving marketplace which has yielded unparalleled results.

We provide our partners with the benefits of a large agency while maintaining the service and speed of a boutique agency.

The Cameron Team

  • Benjamin Coggiano CEO/President
  • Richard Rudzinski
    Richard Rudzinski Vice President
  • Andrew Aiello Director of Digital Services
  • Christopher Mellon
    Christopher Mellon Director of Client Services
  • John Frame
    John Frame Vice President/COO
  • Dennis Daniel
    Dennis Daniel Senior Creative Director
  • Margaret Thomas
    Margaret Thomas Art Director
  • Laurie Meyerriecks
    Laurie Meyerriecks Account Executive
  • Leanna Rudzinski
    Leanna Rudzinski Account Executive
  • Kayla Dick
    Kayla Dick Graphic Designer
  • Sal Peretti Video Production Manager
  • Rob Kaleita Account Coordinator
  • Noah Morales Production Coordinator
  • Joseph Cameron CEO/President 1994-2020
  • Walter F. Cameron CEO/President 1977-1994